Ireland’s unemployment rate up at 18%

Sinn Fein: ‘Fine Gael Job Document not honest about jobless figures.’

Sligo News File Online

The scale of joblessness is twice that claimed by the government.

According to Sinn Fein, the figure is actually all of 18%.

Peader Toibin TD, Sinn Fein.
Peader Toibin TD,
Sinn Fein.

Criticising Fine Gael’s Job Document for failing to reveal the extent of the situation, Sinn Fein Spokesperson on Jobs and Enterprise, Peadar Tóibín described the document as “high on verbiage and low on action.”

He said that when those who are underemployed and on job activation schemes are taken into account, the level of unemployment stands at 18%.

“The Fine Gael document is not honest about the figures and does not address the underlying issues,” he said.

“The broad jobless rate which includes those underemployed and those on activation programmes is 18%, compared with the narrow rate of 8.6% based on the definition of employment as paid work of at least one hour per week.

“Add to this the 140,000 people net who have left Ireland due to lack of work opportunities and we see that Fine Gael’s legacy is almost 500,000 people or nearly 25% of the workforce who are the collateral damage of FG policies.

Ireland, he said, has a significant imbalance regarding jobs policy. “90% of exports are from FDI and Ireland’s indigenous enterprise sector is significantly smaller and less exportable than comparable EU nations. This leaves Ireland dangerously exposed to external shocks.

“In EU terms, the government is divesting from communications, transport and educational infrastructure. Key success factors in any competitive economy.

“There needs to be a greater emphasis on indigenous SMEs by opening up procurement to small businesses, and maximising this annual €12 billion stimulus for domestic businesses. This should be part of a long-term commitment to building up Ireland’s business environment through broadening Ireland’s narrow credit sector and reforming sheltered sectors such as legal services and upward only rent.”