It’s been that kind of week…

Sligo News File Online

Gardai called in the bomb disposal service to examine a white powder discovered in the constituency office of Environment Minister Alan Kelly. The packet was reportedly later declared a hoax.

A day before what organisers expect will be one of the largest-ever National demonstrations against water charges and Irish Water, the Daily Mail has reported that the gardai have set up a unit to “spy” on activities of water protest organisers.

Minister Simon Coveney has announced plans to beef up the armed forces with new ships and other military armaments because of an apparently perceived terrorist threat to the state. Some feel the real reason for the multi million-euro investment is Government preparation for Irelands participation in a long mooted EU-wide military regime working alongside NATO.

Transport Minister Pascal Donohue is said to be toying with the idea of compelling motorists found exceeding speed limits for the first time to undertake a training programme for which they will have to cough up hundreds of euro. As evidenced from reports, mobs are meanwhile running riot throughout the countryside following Government closure of garda stations and rundown in garda
manpower and services. There is widespread fear as homes are being broken into and ransacked, people attacked and stealing from farmyards and lands has become a regular nightmare occurrence for the farming  community.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is spouting anger over what she claims to be Irelands failure to open the door to more immigrants – it appears the participation of the naval service in rescue missions in the Mediterranean and the fact the number of non Irish nationals in the country is already at an all time high is not up to what she wants from the country. In the UK, illegal immigrants will face six months in jail and firms will be shut down if they employ them under measures being considered by the Government there.

Sligo County Council released a draft plan for economic and community development across the county. Given the number and variety of the issues listed for attention, and the rather bitty presentation of the content in places, it is hard to see how people can be seriously expected to ponder the plan in any meaningful way, or where funding for identified programmes or projects is to be sourced from – the council is up to the neck in debt. Anyway, the authority is seeking submissions from the public on the draft, as presented, the deadline for which is 8 September 2015.