More job losses in the North West as companies preparing to pull out of region

TD blasts Government neglect of the area.

Sligo News File.

The North West is set to suffer a further wave of job losses after three more companies have reportedly posted notices of their intention to pull out of the region.

The announcement comes amid growing public alarm about the worsening state of the area’s economy.

Marc MacSharry TD

Towns, including Sligo, are witnessing the widespread closure of commercial outlets and struggling trade activity across many of what were once thriving enterprises.

The gravity of the situation has been highlighted yet again by local TD Marc MacSharry, but it seems his calls for Government intervention is falling on deaf ears.

Reflecting the growing anger and frustration of the people, the Fianna Fail Deputy has charged that job opportunities are being deliberately restricted to the East coast.

Fine Gael has been neglecting the North West for the past six years, he said, and are “choosing instead to promote employment opportunities in the Greater Dublin Area and commuter counties.”

With as many as three companies set to wind up operations in locations in Sligo and Ballyshannon, MacSharry said that coming just after Christmas, the timing of the job losses it represents “is particularly difficult for the workers and families involved.

“I want to ensure the workers that I will be working with the various employment and government agencies to find alternative options for them.

“However, the government itself needs to step up to the mark.

Heather Humphreys, Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation

Companies based in this region have been operating in a difficult trading environment for the past couple of years, and now they’re facing into a major Brexit challenge. The border region is likely to be the most severely affected, but we have yet to see any concrete plans from the government about how it intends to support businesses here.

“The Taoiseach and his government colleagues are fond of making big announcements but have failed to follow up on delivery. This focus on spin over substance is wearing thin and people want to see infrastructural and economic investment in this region.

“The North West has been left behind for too long.

“I want to see a fully resourced strategic plan for this area to ensure that this region can reach its true potential,” he said