Kate Bopp challenges Northern Ireland actor Liam Neeson over role as narrator of Amnesty UK pro abortion, anti catholic ad.

Amnesty UK video urging Ireland to repeal the 8th amendment profiles country as ‘dark, gloomy place where women are unsafe’


This is Kate’s Open Letter to Neeson.

Dear Mr Neeson,

You appear to be a resourceful and intelligent man. You can retain so much information in your brain. You memorise your lines for all your acting jobs extremely well.

When you agreed to be the voice behind Amnesty International’s bizarre video demanding a repeal of our 8th Amendment (the one that says infants in the womb deserve to be protected on an equal level with all other human beings), did you in fact conduct any independent research of your own with regard to Irish maternal care?

Your words in the strange, scaremongering video elude to danger and fear among Irish women of childbearing years. The entire narration implies that we as Irish mothers are taking our lives into our hands as we enter into pregnancy. Do you know that these assertions are not at all borne out in fact?

Statistically Ireland still rates among world leaders in maternal care. A woman is more likely to die in the UK or US during pregnancy and birth (or in an abortion clinic) than here in Ireland. Perhaps you have been duped. I really don’t want to believe that you purposely used the platform afforded to you by our warm regard for your talent to deceive your fans globally and especially those of us here in little old Ireland.

The offending promotional video for liberal abortion legislation paints an inaccurate vista of Ireland as a dark and gloomy place where women are unsafe. I’m not sure that the Irish Tourism Industry (Ireland Of The Welcomes and all that) would thank you for such negative profiling.

Perhaps you will consider righting this wrong. It may be hard for a successful, wealthy professional like yourself to grasp the importance of our global image to us average working Irish, but if you could take it upon yourself to source the true facts with regard to maternal mortality and child health and safety here in Ireland perhaps you would use the vast platform that you have to paint a truthful picture of this country. We are struggling here to keep afloat. Negativity will smother us. And it is gravely unfair when it is spawned out of untruths.

Kate Bopp

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