Labour leader meets Green leader for summit on vigil during Trump visit

Planned vigil is in the cause of ‘democracy, decency and international solidarity.’

Sligo News File

The Labour Party is planning an anti-Trump vigil during the American President’s visit to Ireland.

Labour Chief, Brendan Howlin…vigil during visit of President Trump.

In a statement published on the party’s website, leader Brendan Howlin says:

“I have met with Eamon Ryan TD, leader of the Green Party. We have agreed to co-ordinate a public rally for democracy, decency and international solidarity on the occasion of the visit of President Trump.

Green’s leader, Eamon Ryan…met with Howlin about US President’s visit

“There are a number of reasons why this action is necessary.

“We need to take a stand against President Trump’s rejection of the Paris Agreement on climate change and his unscientific rejection of the grave dangers posed by global warming.

“Trump’s attacks on fair and balanced international trade are destructive to world prosperity and the capacity of countries to develop.

“Trump’s ratcheting up of spending on arms and slashing of aid budgets, most recently to Palestine, are detrimental to world peace.

Always welcome in Ireland…United States President Donald Trump

“Trump’s denial of the human rights of asylum seekers and migrants, including the separation of families, are abhorrent.

“We in the Labour Party will discuss with other groups in the coming days to co-ordinate a platform for a peaceful vigil during the visit of President Trump to Ireland in October.”