Marts best option while cattle are scarce

Prices better than quoted at factory level

Sligo News File

Edmund Graham, chairman ICSA Beef Committee

ICSA beef chair Edmund Graham has encouraged farmers to use the mart system to pursue the best cattle prices while supplies remain tight. “It’s important to know what your animals are worth no matter where you sell them but looking at the trade over the last few weeks it appears that mart prices are beyond those quoted at factory level. It is also worth noting that out of spec cattle are achieving just as much as in-spec cattle in the marts.”

Mr Graham said while factory agents are doing their best to keep cattle out of the marts there is no harm in letting them compete for stock in the open market. “With cattle as scarce as they are, the opportunity is there for farmers to chase a decent price through whatever means possible. Upwards of €2.50/kg live weight has been achieved regardless of spec – with northern buyers helping to keep the trade buoyant also. The marts should remain a good option for the coming weeks at least, and particularly so if you happen to be facing quality assurance penalties in the factories.”