McGrath questions Taoiseach on alleged circulation of illegal Referendum voting cards

‘How many others have been put on the register?’

The register is a mess.’

‘People have been put on twice.’

Sligo News File.

The Taoiseach faced forcible questioning yesterday over the alleged circulation of illegal voting cards ahead of the Referendum on Friday.

Mattie McGrath,TD, Independent.

Mattie McGrath vigorously pursued Varadkar for information on the issue, questioning him as to what he was “going to do about the register.”

In raising the matter in the Dail, the Deputy spoke of his efforts to secure answers concerning the apparent fraud.

He said:

“I asked the Minister, Deputy Murphy, about this matter. I wrote a letter to him which I hand delivered today about the French student in NUIG who was illegally put on the register in Galway.

“How many others have been put on?

“The register is a mess. People have been put on twice.

“When will the Government hold an investigation? Will it be when the votes have been counted?

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, TD

“Will the Taoiseach enlighten us as to who else has voted other than the people with postal votes, rather than use the Order of Business to promote the “Yes” side, examine the register and have the Minister, Deputy Murphy, look into the illegal activity?

“It is an undocumented mess with people being on illegally, including people who did not seek to go on the register and are not eligible. This is a French citizen who is only here to study.

“Will the Taoiseach deal with that instead of campaigning for more and more votes for the ‘Yes’ side?”