Medical students ‘passed over’ when Covid vaccines administered to relatives of hospital staff – Senator

‘Master of the Coombe told colleagues hospital not in a position to vaccinate them’

Sligo News File

Senator Annie Hoey, Labour Party

Medical students at Dublin’s Coombe hospital were denied Coronavirus vaccinations on the night they were administered to relatives of staff at the facility, the Senate has been told.

Labour party Senator Annie Hoey said thirty-nine students were on standby to get vaccines “but instead vaccines were given to 16 relatives of staff.”

Speaking yesterday of her concerns about “the news that came out this morning,” she said the decision “means that medical students who are working with women, people who are pregnant, maternity services and vulnerable people were passed over for a Covid-19 vaccine on the night those vaccines were given to 16 family members of staff.

“Two days after his own children were vaccinated, the master of the Coombe told senior colleagues that the hospital was not in a position to vaccinate the students,” she said.

“I am sure everyone here was appalled to hear it.

“We do not want,” she said, “to keep digging over past things, but it was incredible that it was allowed to happen and that we had medical students who were passed over for getting a vaccine in favour of family.

“I particularly commend the staff member who came out and told this story, but I am sure everyone will agree that this is appalling,” she added