More consultation required on anti-parasitic proposals – ICSA

No meaningful talks since last April’

Sligo News File

Hugh Farrell, Chairman, ICSA Health & Welfare committee

ICSA Animal Health & Welfare chair Hugh Farrell has complained that the consultation process regarding anti-parasitic products has collapsed. “The last meeting was in April and since then, no meaningful talks have taken place. The Department has apparently made up its mind that the legitimate concerns of stakeholders are not going to be given any more consideration.

As ICSA has repeatedly argued, we need competition to ensure that farmers have a range of products available at the best possible price. Licensed merchants are an important part of the market and the current proposals are, in our view, anti-competitive.”

“A possible solution could be found if the Veterinary Council was given a role to oversee the sale of anti-parasitics by qualified individuals working in licensed merchants or co-ops. The bottom line is that we need to find a way around this current impasse, and it will not be solved if the Department does not come back to the consultation process.”