Most of rural Sligo left out in cold on government promised broadband

Service to be extended to just five areas of the county

Sligo News File Online

New fibre broadband service is to be extended to just five
of Sligo’s rural areas, this despite a government commitment
that the service would be made available in all rural villages
and townlands of the county, with work to start in 2015.

Areas included for connection to the higher speed network
include Maugherow, Bunninadden, Gurteen, Lavagh and

Although broadband quality in several parts of rural
Sligo has been the subject of complaints there are now fears
it could be further years before the new upgrade to the affected areas will be embarked on. This undoubtedly will have implications for development of new economic activity, existing professional and business interests -not least those involved in the tourism industry – and the rural jobs scene. It is also thought many households may be bypassed if and when connections come on stream

Fine Gael TDs, Tony McLoughlin and former junior minister, John Perry have welcomed the Eircom broadband plans for the five rural
Sligo locations.