‘Muslims who come into country never work and do not want to work’ – Councillor

‘I don’t take back a bloody word of it.’

Sligo News File Online

A local councillor has apparently stirred up a right old barney after reportedly telling a meeting of his area’s Municipal District that 98% of Muslims entering Ireland did not want to work.

Cllr. Seamus Treanor, Ind.
Cllr. Seamus Treanor, Ind.

According to the Northern Star newspaper, Independent member of Monaghan County Council Seamus Treanor made the remark as members of the body agreed to send a letter of condolence to the
French Ambassador following the slaughter of 84 people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice.

Joining in the expression of sympathy, Cllr. Treanor reportedly referred to the deportation earlier this month of a man identified by gardai as being involved in recruitment for the Islamic State.

He stated, said the report, “At last our Government has woken up to the danger of the Islam movement to western society.

“Apparently, they all want to come here but show absolutely no respect for our laws or culture.”

The councillor seemingly targeted “Amnesty International and other left-wing parties for making excuses for these families,” stating that if Muslims who came into the country did not like their way of life they should be escorted to the nearest airport and helped to leave the country.”

He is said to have claimed that Ireland’s welfare system would be stretched further by Muslim immigrants, adding that “98% of Muslims who come into this country never work and do not want to work.”

The report states that Cllr. Treanor went on to mention legislation introduced by the Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton in 2012 which had cost women who had taken time out from the workforce to raise their families €40 per week in their pensions.

The situation was scandalous “when you see people walking into our country who contribute to nothing and have their hand out for everything.”

Another report quoted Cllr. Treanor as saying in defence of his observations, “I don’t take back a bloody word of it” and that he had statistics showing Denmark had let in “30,000 of them and five years later 99% were on the dole.’

Members of Sinn Fein are understood to have denounced the councillor’s comments as “sectarian and inflammatory.”