National farm organisation hits out against livestock sales levies

‘ICSA does not receive a red cent’

Sligo News File Online

The President of the ICSA, Patrick Kent has said “farmers can no longer carry the burden of levies deducted from livestock prices that are failing to deliver a viable income.”

Patrick Kent, President. ICSA
Patrick Kent, President.

Commenting on non-statutory levies deducted “without the express permission of farmers when they supply livestock to factories and marts” he said, “the ICSA does not receive a red cent of its income” from them.

“Nonetheless, we are delivering strong representation for farmers at National and EU level on a broad range of issues including TTIP, regulation of the food chain, 30-month limits for beef cattle, and fighting against unfair penalties imposed as a result of inspections.”

Mr. Kent also called for a “value for money review” of statutory levies. Though disease levels have dropped significantly “this is not reflected in the levy,” he said.

“Farmers’ see little benefit in Bord Bia levies when the differential between Irish and British beef prices is over a euro a kilo on R grade steers.”