New party to campaign for Ireland to pull out of EU

First conference of the party this weekend.

Sligo News File

A new party is preparing to campaign for Ireland to exit the EU.  

The party is about to be formally rolled out at the weekend. It is holding its first conference at the same time.

Organisers have reportedly said that goals which the British
Government is seeking to bring about could be achieved here and that both countries could develop together without the constraints of the European Union.

Election candidates.

It’s said the party plans to run candidates in next year’s European
Parliament elections and the Irish general election.

As a net contributor Ireland is currently doling out nearly €3 billion per year to the European Union.

Meanwhile, close on 10,000 of Ireland’s population, including about 4,000 children are living in emergency accommodation. More than 100,000 people with jobs are living in poverty.