Now, rural households must pay for upkeep of public roads…or else

Essential works on minor, local and regional roads could be delayed for years if families don’t provide contributions of 15% or more towards the cost of maintenance.

Crazy plan being rolled out under Community Involvement Scheme.

Sligo News File.

As if they are are not already under enough pressure, it has now emerged rural householders will have to contribute towards the upkeep of the State’s public roads.

According to one county council, road allocations have been cut with the result communities are now being required to come up with financial contributions if they want local public roads to be maintained by the local authority

The crazy plan is being rolled out under what is called the Community Involvement Scheme which provides that where local road works are needed the people will have to meet at least a 15% portion of the cost, otherwise maintenance and the like may be delayed for years.

Minister for Transport Shane Ross.

It has been emphasised that the roads for which a contribution is required are “minor, local and regional public roads.”

Councillors are understood to be largely supportive of the measure after a meeting with the Minister for Transport, Shane Ross.