Or Nua defends Kerrygold brand after German consumer magazine claims butter a ‘germ-filled health risk’

‘No health issues with the product.’

Sligo News File

Or Nua has rejected assertions by a major German consumer publication that its butter is a germ-filled health risk.

Stiftung Warentest’s Test magazine has reportedly claimed that Kerrygold was the only butter found to be ‘defective’ in a range of 30 popular butter products it had tested.

Testers are said to have criticized the high level of microbial contamination discovered in Kerrygold’s ‘Original Irish Sweet Cream Butter.’

“In the laboratory, we detected a very high total germ count and also detected germs that indicate a lack of hygiene during production.”

The magazine said the product, one of two Kerrygold lines sold in Germany, was a health risk for people with compromised immune systems.

The Irish Times reports that Ornua’s German subsidiary has refuted the claims saying that there are no health issues with its product.