Operating theatres in Merlin Park shut because of ‘leak in the roof’ – Connolly

‘Next March theatres will have been out of use for six months.’

Sligo News File

Two operating theatres in Merlin Park are out of action owing to, believe it or not, a leak in the roof.

Deputy Catherine Connolly told the Dail today that on 3 March next, the theatres will have been closed for six months.

In raising the matter with the Taoiseach, she said, “We are in the second decade of the 21st century and two operating theatres in Merlin Park University Hospital have remained closed due to a leak in the roof.

“The issue,” she said, “has been raised many times in the Dáil by me and other colleagues.

“We were told that once the leak was repaired the operating theatres would be opened. Since then we have been told they cannot be opened because the clinical assessment now is that their design is not suitable, begging the question as to why the
design was not dealt with beforehand.

“My specific question is whether the Taoiseach can stand over a situation whereby, six months later, the two main orthopaedic theatres in Merlin Park University Hospital remain closed. We are still looking at a tender process for modular theatres. Tied in with that, the Taoiseach made an announcement on Friday about an elective hospital. Is that elective hospital based on the options appraisal that is still underway and will not report until May, or has it been picked out of the sky?”

There is no legislation promised on this matter, said Varadkar “nor is it covered in the programme for Government, but I did give a detailed response to Deputies on the question of Merlin Park University Hospital specifically last week during Questions on Promised Legislation…’