PTSB closing its Ballina cash counter service

To lodge cash or pay mortgage over the counter, customers will have to go to  Castlebar branch where full service is being retained

Sligo News File

PTSB has announced it is shutting down the cash counter service of its branch in Ballina.


In a notice circulated to customers, the bank states that effective from 14 June 2021 “your Ballina branch will become a fully automated cash and digital experience and there will no longer be a physical cash desk.”

It doesn’t seem to matter that older customers or those with little or no experience of transacting accounts by way of computerised equipment will be grossly discommoded, the only option being left them is to head out to join the queue at the Castlebar branch of the same Ballina bank some 25 or so miles away.

Questions many in Ballina will mull over is why physical services of the branch in the town are being cut back, if its actually not a vote of no confidence in the place, one of the country’s leading tourism venues with a population of around 11,000.

By any measure, removing the cash counter facility is a drastic and deeply worrying development. Long-term customers depend on the bank to have such a service available – indeed such a service is a crucial plank in the any bank’s offering to its customers.

To date, it doesn’t appear there has been any comment from local TD’s or councillors. Why?  After all, this is a relatively huge blow to the town, to that part of the population that has made the PTSB their bank of choice down the years, in some cases since the bank first opened in Ballina.

The new arrangement which will require PTSB customers to travel to Castlebar to access Ballina discontinued type counter services  is scheduled to kick in with effect from the 14th of next month. 

To facilitate the updates, PTSB have told customers that the Ballina branch will be closed from the 9th to 14 June.