Public toilet to ease pressure on visitors to north Mayo capital.

Councillors to debate options at coming week’s meeting of district council.

Sligo News File Online.

Pic. of BallinaBallina is hoping to bring relief with a public toilet for
visitors to the area.

A local councillor has said the town cannot seriously
pursue the development of the tourism industry without such a facility.

The growing pressure is to culminate in a debate during a meeting of the Municipal District Council next Thursday where a number of
options are down for consideration, one of them the possible use of business flushes in exchange for a cut in the commercial rate.

However, a caller to Sligo News File Online has suggested that a simple solution elected members could consider is to throw open to the public the toilets in the town’s county council offices, an imposing building at Arran Place, where staff would be available to keep toilets and wash facilities clean and hygenic.

Wonder if they have looked at this?