Referendum result could herald massive killing on demand regime

Nearly 16 million abortions occur annually in India where the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act is similar to that proposed by the government.

Sligo News File.

Widespread baby killing could follow if today’s Referendum vote shows a majority in favour of abolishing the constitutional protection for children.

Based on the number of Irish women who have had infants they were carrying put to death by abortionists in the UK, it’s reckoned that the repeal of the 8th amendment will pave the way for thousands of children to be put down every year in Ireland. And, as has happened in other countries where abortion has been legalised, the number will soar.

A study shows that 15.6 million abortions occur annually in India. India’s Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act allows for abortion on demand under 12 weeks of pregnancy, while abortions between 12 and 20 weeks require two doctors’ approval. Beyond 20 weeks, abortion is permitted to save the life of the mother.

This is roughly similar to the abortion legislation Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, and the Government are proposing if the referendum to remove the child protecting 8th amendment from the constitution is carried today.

There are concerns that the Government’s rush to introduce abortion is designed to facilitate immigrants and others who expect the service to be available in the country.

Equally feared is that many impressionable young people have been led to believe that abortion is a women’s health issue. However, hundreds of the country’s leading medical and legal experts, including judges, have flatly rejected the health claim. So have eminent psychiatrists.

UK records reveal that, with a small percentage of exceptions, baby killing is being carried out on healthy women pregnant with healthy infants.

Questions have arisen as to why the Government is so intent on introducing an Indian-like abortion regime, and that they even rushed to launch a Referendum to legalise it at a cost of
millions of euro.

The Referendum was also rolled out by the government as thousands of children and mothers are being abandoned to a life of homelessness. Commenting on the massive numbers relying on temporary shelters, founder of Focus Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy said: “It is not only shocking, it is evil.”


Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy, visionary and innovator; founder of Focus Ireland, a charity working for the homeless.

“We have mothers going into hospital, having babies and coming out to homelessness.I have huge concerns about what will happen to those children,” said the visionary and social innovator.

Against this horrific background of homeless children and the suffering mothers desperately trying to care for them, the government’s has made abortion, the legalised killing of babies – future citizens – in the womb its immediate priority. 

It’s been strongly argued that if the 8th amendment is voted down, it will clear the way for what some campaigning to keep the 8th in the constitution have described as “a licence to kill.” That death warrant will hang over the lives of innumerable babies way into the future, and leave very many of those fighting for abortion on demand with the blood of countless innocents on their hands.