Report of national review group will decide case for permanent cath lab in Sligo – Harris

Increased health budget will enable further investment in North West services.

Sligo News File.

Harris the Health Minister has said the government will make a decision on a cath lab for Sligo based on the clinical advice and the report provided by the national review group in June.

Harris, the health minister

He said this was asking “medics and patients to come together under an independent chair and look at the best and fairest way to distribute specialist services” across the

Replying further to a question from a TD, he said: “While the national children’s hospital will take up approximately 20% of my Department’s capital budget- by the way 25% of our population comprises children – 80% of the budget will be spent on items that have nothing whatsoever to do with that hospital.

“There will be significant increases in capital expenditure in health. That is clear to see.

“The budget for the next ten years is almost €11 billion compared to just €4 billion for the past ten years. That will enable us to invest in furthering services in the north-west, not just the cath lab but the additional bed block that is badly needed at Sligo University Hospital,” he added