RTE turns spotlight on how political Ireland cleared the way for abortion

Thousands of pre-born since put to death

Sligo News File

RTE will tonight broadcast a documentary showing how Irish society was influenced to vote for the introduction of abortion, a measure that has since resulted in the killing of thousands of unborn babies.

It’s reckoned that upwards of 8,000 innocents have been put down in the relatively short period since abortion was legalised in Ireland.

A strong body of members in Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Sinn Fein, the Greens and a mass of other political activists and voluntary bodies mobilised to encourage the people to remove constitutional protection for babies before birth.

A sweeping level of funding is believed to have poured in from foreign interests, some determined to see Catholic Ireland turned into a hardened eradicator of unborn human life.

While broadcasting and other media have meanwhile being directing fire over alleged shortcomings of the Catholic Church, the destruction of Irish citizens in abortions continues with little attention to the tragedy

What does this say of the country’s values and regard for humankind in the womb?  

Tonight’s RTE programme rolls out after the news, at 9.30