Ryan for Scotland

Second Covid-19 test proves negative

Sligo News File

Ryan, the Green Party Leader, is headed for Scotland, after all.

According to reports, he was hit with the Covid-19 virus but tests a day or so later were negative.

Meanwhile, the country has been confronted with climate demonstrations, most of them small and populated largely by kids and young adults led to believe that the end of the world is nigh.

Demonstrations of this kind are, of course, nothing new, and are by and large ignored by the public, especially outside the cities

So, what of the government climate plan? Yes, it’s understood only part of it has been revealed, this with a price tag of €125 billion for taxpayers to shoulder.

However, prominent Irish climate expert Professor Ray Bates has put the actual cost of the package at €20 billion a year over the ten years life of the plan, a figure the government has, it would seem, backed away from disclosing out of fear of a public backlash against the programme.

Even at the stated €125 billion the financial load being dropped on the people is shocking in scale, more particularly so for rural dwellers whose economy, the mainstay of which is the farming industry, could be toppled off the rails. The rural scene has already been gravely undermined by the massive closure of bank branches and post office outlets across the countryside.

Objections are being voiced but all too many of them still appear to feel that there is a climate emergency, this despite the fact many claims surrounding the climate, or climate change, are nothing more than fear fuelling propaganda of political elites and their hangers on. Prominent climate scientists throughout the world have declared that there is no climate emergency whatsoever. In a video interview referenced on the Sligo News File website a few weeks ago, Professor Bates, one of the world’s leading experts in the field of climate research, has even questioned the validity of the UNIPCC report with regard to warming of the climate. This is the report politicians and elites jetting into Scotland for what has been labeled the COP 26 conference are relying on to pile on pressure for the massive taxation of the people in order to create a fund of billions of euro a year for transfer to less developed countries.

Professor Bates has said that he hasn’t been invited onto RTE to comment in the last five years. If opposing views on the climate are not being deliberately censored, why has this world-leading expert been excluded and is the public not now entitled to hear his views on the government’s climate action plan?

The government and their fellow travellers in Ireland are taking people for a ride to become the first state in the world to ban everything from stoves in the kitchen to cars, trucks, tractors, indeed, just about everything on which the progress and security of the people has been built. The country is being turned on its head. And a no less deeply troubling reality is that virtually the entire Oireachtas is now consumed with advancing the government’s potentially catastrophic climate agenda in one form or another.

There is next to no regard for the traumatising impact it is having, most particularly on children who now wake up dreading their generation may be the one which will see the planet explode in a ball of fire. Psychologists recently speaking with The Telegraph said a rising number of kids and young adults are being treated with psychiatric drugs in order to reduce the emotional stress and exhaustion caused by “eco-anxiety,” or, a fervent fear that humans will go extinct.

It’s a damning commentary on what properly should be condemned as scaremongering now being pushed by some pro-climate action sectors and the worries it spells for the future mental health and well-being of populations of currently vulnerable children being daily exposed to the extremist, unsettling propaganda.

Home front news on Covid-19 is that the number of cases is climbing to ever greater levels, all while a government persists with claims things are improving. Cases currently are up at thousands every day. Some 48% of people in intensive care units at present are patients who are fully vaccinated or have received their first vaccine. The pandemic is simply roaring ahead, leaving also a huge death toll in its wake.