Schools IT technology equipment grant

Allocation of €22 per pupil.

‘Education Department aiming to position schools in line with developments in ICT infrastructure.’

Sligo News File Online.

Tony McLoughlin, T.D.
Fine Gael

Schools in Sligo-Leitrim have been allocated about €22 per pupil for computer and information technology equipment.

For schools with a smaller 100 pupil population, the figure is slightly higher, at €40.

Post-primary level schools with 500 students have been granted €11,000, or €22 per student.

Where the school population is 100, the grant per student works is €27.

The allocations have been announced by the Minister for Education Richard Bruton.

He wants the funding to go towards desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or hybrid devices and cloud-based tools and applications to support learning.

Local TD Tony McLoughlin says the Fine Gael-led Coalition is using their “economic progress to invest in communities around the country and ensure that
everyone can benefit from the recovery currently under way.”

Richard Bruton,
Minister for Education

PCs are priced at about €500 while any decent laptop costs at a minimum €250. Tablets are in the price range €250 to €400 – some cost much more.

Bruton has said his department’s investment “aims to bring Irish schools in line with new developments in ICT infrastructure.”