Settle teachers strike in week ‘or else chaos’ warning

‘Schools will be forced to shut permanently.’

Sligo News File Online.

There will be ‘chaos’ unless the ASTI dispute is resolved within a week.

ASTI StrikeFianna Fail TD Marc MacSharry has also warned that schools across the country “will be forced to shut permanently.”

Unless the strike is settled, he said, the largest boys’ secondary school in Connaught, Summerhill College, will not be able to re-open after midterm.

He said parents were informed it would take at least six weeks to arrange “civilian” support to cover for union members of the union withdrawing substitution service.

ASTI Strike“This delay would force the school, and I suspect other schools, to stay closed in order to protect the welfare of the pupils.”

He said the net effect of what he called “Minister Bruton’s laissez-faire approach” to the dispute “is schools, such as Summerhill College, closing their doors and not knowing when they will reopen.

“It’s simply not acceptable with thousands of students in Sligo and Leitrim in the process of preparing for their State Examinations.

“The Department and the Union have one week to find a solution, otherwise schools across the region will remain closed,” he warned.