Sinn Fein backs plans to outlaw pro-life protests near Northern abortion centres

Bill gets green light in Assembly vote

Sligo News File

Sinn Fein is reported to have backed proposals for the creation of exclusion zones around abortion providers in Northern Ireland.

Under the measure, all protests by pro-life bodies and individuals against abortion would be banned within the zones.

The bill, introduced, it’s said, by Green Party Northern Ireland Leader Clare Bailey is understood to also have the support of the Alliance and SDLP.

According to the BBC, the Assembly voted by 58 votes to 29 to allow the bill to proceed.

Last month, thousands took part in a march for life in the UK. The speakers included Bishop Paul Swarbrick of the Lancaster Diocese who, says the Catholic Arena, asked:

 “We’ve abolished the death penalty for the guilty, why do we still have it for the innocent?”