Sinn Fein in Fine Gael camp reportedly claiming Fianna Fail attacking them

New ‘coalition’ secures two Senate seats for Fine Gael.

Sligo News File

Sinn Fein has thrown in their lot with Fine Gael and secured two Senate seats for the Government party.

The new Senate members are Ulster Farmers Union member Ian Marshall, a Unionist, and former Kildare North TD Anthony Lawlor – candidates in both cases proposed by Fine Gael.

A Sinn Fein source claimed they couldn’t support the Fianna Fail candidates owing to the Fianna Fail Leader’s attacks on Sinn Fein in the Dail.

However, many will feel it sounds more like Sinn Fein showing their hand ahead of the next general election.

Sinn Fein Senator Rose Conway-Walsh has already said her party would “of course” talk with Fine Gael about entering government together.

A Fine Gael Minister, Jim Daly also recently commented that he has “no ideological objection” to Sinn Fein being in government.

Looks on the face of it then that next election a vote for Fine Gael could be a vote for a coalition with the Shinners, leaving Fianna Fail once again confined to the opposition benches.

Varadkar must be completely in his element.

Bye Bye Micheal, hello Mary Lou?