Former Sinn Fein TD heading to form a new political party

Widespread support for the plan among disenchanted members of Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail.

Sligo News File.

Pro-Life activist and former Sinn Fein TD Peadar Toibin has announced that he is moving to launch a new political party.

Peader Toibin, TD and economist. Forming new political party

He resigned from the Sinn Fein after the party suspended him for refusing to support the legalisation of abortion – the killing of babies in the womb.

Formally withdrawing from the Shinners yesterday Tobin said he had been pondering the decision for some time.

The popular Meath-based Deputy campaigned strongly against abortion in the recent referendum. However, his respect for human life and right-minded call for the retention of the Eighth Amendment ended with party colleagues punishing him for his stand with a six months suspension from the Sinn Fein organisation.

Sinn Fein apparently has no room for individual freedom of conscience. Currently, they are advocating for the introduction of abortion to Northern Ireland. However, the DUP it seems has so far put paid to that particular gallop.

Tobin’s announced new party plan has reportedly attracted widespread support not only from the ever-growing number of TDs and others disenchanted with Sinn Fein but also most notably Fianna Fail. The Soldiers of Destiny are becoming increasingly irrelevant as the on-going sustainers of the Fine Gael-led government – many resolutely hold that the country is in desperate need a visible and effective opposition.