Sligo among most economically disadvantaged in the country

Young people and families migrating for better future.

Sligo News File Online.

Sligo continues to suffer from major underinvestment in job creation

With little evidence of any new manufacturing or service activity on Sligo 1the horizon, many will rightly question why with four TDs elected to represent it, the county is shamefully left hanging on the hind tit of economic development.

This morning there is news that massively indebted Sligo County Council is being allowed to retain a few outdoor staff. While this will be welcomed, it is small comfort to an area beset with sweeping migration, from where young people and families are leaving in unacceptable numbers in search of employment and some kind of reasonable quality of life elsewhere.

Is what is being witnessed set to be politically tolerated or will the four Dail deputies decide to cast aside party differences and mount a jointly driven bid to secure for Sligo the kind and scale of investment and progressive development it is long due?

The constituency TDs include Martin Kenny, Sinn Fein, Tony McLoughlin, Fine Gael and Marc MacSharry and Eamon Scanlon, both Fianna Fail.