Sligo Councillor poses question about road tarring operations

Matter down for debate at Sligo-Drumcriff  municipal district meeting

Sligo News File

Notice of motion as submitted by Councillor Donal Gilroy reads:

“To ask for Sligo County Council why the Road Tarring contractors Tar across Manholes, Gullies and Fire Hydrants but does not tar into the edges of the road instead choosing to leave a dangerous channel or drain that is a safety hazard. Good examples of this can be seen at Oxfield Road L3402 or the L7210-0 and L7211-0 at Ardnaglass Lower and Grogagh where the non-completion of the roadworks on these roads have left residents concerned and frustrated. They are concerned at the ongoing safety issues on the roads because of the recent roadworks being left incomplete, and at
the extra flooding which is now occurring in places where it never did before. The gullies on the side of the newly tarred roads are a danger to motorists, because of the slope between the road surface and the sides of the roads. There have even been anecdotal reports of incidents of vehicles losing control for this reason. As a result of the way the roads were left there is now serious flooding along some parts of the road which never experienced flooding before and residents require assurances that this will not now be an ongoing problem”

Councillor Gilroy is a Fianna Fail member of the council.