Sligo County Council to shed more jobs.

Plan awaiting government approval.

Sligo News File Online. 

Sligo County Council SignA further forty four jobs will be cut at Sligo County Council as it
battles to reduce its massive debt pile.

CEO, Ciaran Hayes has said the council, which has a debt
overhang of upwards of €150 million, will achieve the reduction in
staff through natural wastage and not filling posts over the next four
years. The move is part of a ten year financial plan awaiting
approval by the government

Cuts of 30% have already been made to the council’s workforce.

Government demands for closure of at least one of the county’s two
motor tax offices is also under consideration. Though local business
figures and councillors are opposing the winding down of services
at Teach Laigne, Tubbercurry, it’s argued that counties much larger
than Sligo have only one tax office.

Meanwhile, the council is seeking a government bailout. At the same time, despite its prevailing debt pile, it is also among one of a number of local authorities reportedly proposing to bailout Ireland
West Airport by way of a shareholding in the development. The airport’s debt is reputed to be around €9 million. It’s believed the
plan, if agreed, could cost Sligo in the region of €2 million euro.

At a meeting of the council in July 2014, Hayes recommended councilors support the airport funding initiative in principle as more formal proposals would be brought before the members at a later date. In December, he described the plan as “an innovative collaboration between the Northwest counties and Ireland West Airport Knock…” that “…will be advanced subject to a Due Diligence report currently being compiled.”