Sligo-Leitrim Fianna Fail select two candidates to contest general election

Leitrim party nominees left out in the cold
Candidates will find public has not forgotten the economic collapse
Party backing Fine Gael- Labour Coalition in same sex ‘marriage’ referendum campaign

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Eamon Scanlon
Eamon Scanlon

Eamonn Scanlon and Senator Marc MacSharry will likely soon discover the public has still not forgotten Fianna Fail’s role as a government in events which led to the worst economic and social catastrophe to befall the State.

The two Sligo candidates – 12 miles apart – were selected to contest the coming general election after Leitrim nominees were sidelined from the race.

Marc MacSharry.
Marc MacSharry.

What reception awaits them on the doorstep is anybody’s guess. People now more than ever are conscious of Fianna Fail’s role as a government in signing up the country to domestic water charges, to the utility that is Irish Water and the shutdown of cancer services at the Sligo General Hospital.

In government, the party also negotiated the first Memorandum of Understanding with the Troika that contained a clear commitment to introduce the now widely condemned property tax on the family home.

The party’s devotion to the tax was clearly evidenced when as recently as last year Fianna Fail joined with Fine Gael members of Sligo County Council to block a proposed modest reduction in the rate on the homes of families in the county.

As of now, there is nothing to suggest that if returned to government, Fianna Fail would be any different from the existing Coalition regime with respect to taxation, levies, charges, service cutbacks, austerity and draconian laws and regulations.

Currently, the party is actively supporting the Fine Gael-Labour Coalition to secure the passage of next month’s referendum to give homosexuals who already have access to civil partnership the right to be treated as regular married couples.

Fianna Fail and other political parties and entities insist that civil partnership, or that homosexuals are free to marry a member of the opposite sex, is not sufficient. They want marriage as we know it to include men “married” to men and women “married” to women, this in spite of genuinely held fears the change will lead to a society where, among other things, the welfare and rights of children will be heavily compromised.

Many of the new laws and regulations to follow will make it illegal, for example, to have the names of parents entered on birth certificates.  Schools will also be obliged to teach or focus on homosexuality in the classroom.