Sligo- Leitrim TDs who opposed repeal of Eighth amendment now rowing in behind the government’s proposed abortion legislation

Provisions will pave the way for countless thousands of women to have infants put to death.

Father of an infant in the womb will not be able to prevent life of baby being terminated by the mother.

Sligo News File.

Sligo-Leitrim TDs who voiced their opposition to the removal of the child protecting 8th amendment from the Constitution have now reportedly confirmed that they will be supporting the government’s abortion legislation.

Under the provisions, which Marc MacSharry, Eamon Scanlon and Tony McLoughlin have apparently said they now propose to back, mothers can legally end the life of their baby infants up to 12th week of pregnancy. There doesn’t have to be a reason for the termination.

The laws as proposed will also allow for the killing of babies up to 24 weeks in certain cases. Fathers of infants in the womb will not be able to prevent the life of the baby being terminated by the mother.

In interviews with Ocean FM, the three TDs have said that following the result of the Referendum, it is now bound as legislators to back abortion measures as drawn up by the government.

MacSharry said his responsibility “is to make sure the legislation when it’s produced, progresses.”

Marc MacSharry TD

Asked if it will be difficult for him to back the legislation considering the way he voted in the Referendum, he replied: “Not in the slightest.”

McLoughlin said: “I certainly will be supporting the government’s legislation that will be introduced by Simon Harris.”

Scanlon said there are families split on the issue. But, he added, “We must now get on with the legislation.”

MacSharry has denied that Fianna Fail leader Micky Martin, one of those who campaigned for the abolition of the 8th amendment, has acted to prevent party TDs and Senators tabling amendments to the government abortion provisions.

Eamon Scanlon,TD

Recent estimates suggest that the abortion legislation will sound the death knell for least 40,000 healthy babies in the next years -however, some have indicated that the figure will be much higher, even eventually soaring to a scale which will make Ireland one of the leading infant killing capitals of Europe.

There are already indications that infant killing will be free in public hospitals, meaning that taxes of those opposed to the abortion regime will be used to fit out baby death units and pay for the services of abortionist doctors in the country.

Interviewed on WLRFM, Bishop of Waterford and Lismore Alphonsus Cullinane has said he was “horrified to see the jumping and roaring and cheering in Dublin Castle” after the result of the Referendum on the 8th was announced. “How can you cheer about abortion?” he asked.

Tony McLoughlin, T.D.

He also questioned the “…critical thinking ability of the Irish.

“Do we think things through? Do we accept that there is an objective morality or do we make up our own? I think now so many people just make up their own morality, and that, in many ways, is frightening because it means at the end of the day it is those who are strong and powerful will dictate to the less powerful and the weak.”

Euthanasia, he added, has now been accepted in the sense that “the majority of the Irish people have accepted that some life is not worthy of life,” a reference to the abortion vote.

Bishop of Waterford and Lismore Alphonsus Cullinane,

Speaking of a talk given by a Cardinal from Holland, he said that in the cardinal’s country there is a Bill before parliament which proposes that “at the age of 75 people should be offered euthanasia.”