County has suffered major loss of industrial, service and retail activity under Coalition.

Sligo News File Online.

Despite widespread emigration of families and young people from Sligo records show there are still upwards of 4,600 on the Live Register for the area.

The county has suffered under the Fine Gael-Labour Coalition with a major loss of local industrial, service sector and retail activity.

Young people, many of them refusing to become part of a growing dole queue, have, with families, moved away to look for work in other countries.

Of the number currently on the dole, 2,765 are male and 1,835 female.

The existing working population includes many in low end, relatively poorly paid occupations.

Rural areas of the county are also set to be further depopulated under government measures, which, according to the IFA, provide that only young qualified farmers will be able to obtain EU payments and subsidies, without which it will be virtually impossible for farm owners to survive.

Meanwhile, the government is bringing forward its goal of full employment by 2018 – two years earlier than its previously announced deadline. This will include a target of creating 40,000 new jobs this year, the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny has said. However, Finfacts Business News Centre says Kenny has got his sums wrong by about 60,000 on the increase in employment needed to offset jobs lost during the recession.

As to Sligo, Ballymote-based former junior minister for small business John Perry has said he is in talks about plans to establish a whiskey distillery at Hazelwood House. This follows the launching of a brewery – the White Hag Brewing Company – in Ballymote in 2013.