Sligo receives Diageo sponsored purple flag.

Emblem focused on night-time economy.

Sligo News File Online.

Sligo has been given a Diageo supported purple flag which local interests say they had to struggle for.

Purple Flag 1Diageo is one of the largest alcohol selling corporations in the world.

According to a media report, pursuit of the emblem was funded by, among others, Sligo County Council. The authority is proposing to close libraries because of the state of its finances.

It’s reported Sligo got the flag for its achievement in helping people “have a great night out.”

What hasn’t been confirmed is where, if it’s true, the county council has found the money to promote the reputedly costly flag? Their debt overhang is in the millions of euro, a reason it’s said shutting up library services is being proposed.

A proposed reduction in the property tax on family homes has also been hit on the head. Fianna Fail and Fine Gael who voted it down said the council couldn’t afford the cut. So, what, then, is the position surrounding the procurement of this apparently much sought after “gold standard for night-time destinations.”

Council CEO, Ciaran Hayes has not to date replied to emails from Sligo News File requesting comment on the Diageo supported flag. However, there are those who hope he might now publicly tell families hit with property taxes, water charges and the rest whether or not the council has provided, or will authorise financial support of any kind, towards the flag programme,  and, if so, why, the amount and out of where the funding has come, be it council or EU allocated.

We haven’t been able to locate any mention of it in the council’s 2015 Budget.

Over to you Ciaran.