Son to succeed dad on County Council

MacManus retired last month.

Sligo News File Online

The son of retired Sinn Fein councillor Sean MacManus is expected to replace him as a member of Sligo County Council.


MacManus, the elder, stepped down from the council last month.

He retired, it’s understood, with a ‘goodbye’ gratuity of around €53,000.

His son served as a member of the now defunct Sligo Borough Council.

The indications are that the son will be co-opted to the county council next month.

Councillors currently get a salary of nearly €17,000 per year plus various allowances and expenses for what for most is a part-time occupation. Council chairmen, vice chairs, chairs of strategic policy committees and other bodies are paid substantially higher rates. Councillors are also allowed to access social welfare benefits.

Recently, increases of upwards of €3,500 have been announced by the Minister for Local Government, Simon Coveney. The top-up payments are scheduled to kick in from May 2017. Members of local municipal bodies are also to be given a new annual allowance of €1,000 each.

The Local Authority Members Association – LAMA – which

Cllr. Tommy MacSharry, Fianna Fail

represents councillors has been seeking increases of 40% in the payments. Sligo Fianna Fail councillor Tommy MacSharry, a solicitor, joint PRO of the LAMA officer board 2016.

It’s, meanwhile, reported that the chair of the debt-ridden Sligo council is to travel to the United States for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in March.

Fine Gael member Hubert Keaney will be accompanied by an official of the authority.

Visits of this nature are not thought to generate any material benefit for the area.

Cllr. Hubert Keaney,
Fine Gael.

Complaints continue to be voiced about the condition of roads in the county.

Potholes are said to be showing in several locations.

The problem is being attributed to a shortage of funds for road maintenance.