Special: Fianna Fail expert to reveal his vision for future of the North West

Event follows Fine Gael exposition on Brexit.

Early morning breakfast affair in Sligo.

Menu to include Michael Ring’s Wild Atlantic Way and whereabouts of elusive high-speed broadband.

Sligo News File Online.

The Fianna Fail part of the current Fine Gael-led Government is now also convening a meeting to discuss the future of the local economy in Sligo.

The event follows hot on the heels of the Brexit gathering chaired by Fine Gael’s local TD Tony McLoughlin.

Reports from that are that the Taoiseach has claimed to have done a

Taoiseach Enda Kenny – border deal agreed with British Government?

deal with the British Government on the border. He is said to have stated at the meeting that things won’t be that hard after all. However, if what we’re reading is correct, he evidently seems to have overlooked an important point. Negotiations on Britain’s departure from the EU haven’t commenced at all yet, and until then matters hard or soft cannot be decided. As well, Kenny will have to sit in with the Brussels’ elite, and that could mean in a place well back from the front row.

Otherwise, it doesn’t appear that Kenny or McLoughlin had much of substance to say about something very much closer to home; the faltering condition of the North West economy where businesses are closing almost every other day. No new industry, no new jobs – if Brexit is destined to spell hard times for Ireland where will that leave the economy and social conditions of Sligo and the other towns of the North West?

Fianna Fail is rolling in with a presidential style breakfast meeting

Fianna Fail TD Michael McGrath has ‘visions and plans’ for North West

next Thursday, starting at 8 am. The venue is the Sligo Southern Hotel where the party faithful of local TDs and councillors will be waiting anxiously in the hope of a good turnout of the business community. Why have they made the event a ticket affair? Presumably, they don’t want to have to waste time on dealing with awkward little questions such as which government it was that almost landed the country on the rocks. Or which party was heading up the government that decided to remove the cancer services from Sligo’s regional hospital.

The agenda for Thursday morning has a fortifying aura, with

Scanlon and MacSharry – handling tickets for Fianna Fail breakfast in Sligo.

offerings including Brexit (Fianna Fail flavour) challenges facing the region’s development, Michael Ring’s Wild Atlantic Way, the death of the farming industry and the last known whereabouts of the elusive high-speed broadband. Presenting it is their very own expert, Michael McGrath. His “vision and plans,” the party hopes, will lift the spirits with appropriate nods of appreciation from the early morning arrivals.

Tickets for the auspicious event are available from Marc MacSharry and Eamon Scanlon. Potential guests are urged to contact them at the earliest; it could be a sell out occasion – and a sign of an early general election.