Statement issued by National Citizens Movement Mayo

‘Mayo political strategy meeting looks to forge a new shape in Irish politics from the reaches of the west to serve the people’

“Last night, Thursday February 26th, saw a meeting  held in
Ballina Manor Hotel which brings together grassroots community
groups, activist groups, ordinary private citizens and trade unions.

“The meeting was held to continue the initial steps laid in a meeting
with Michael Fitzmaurice (Ind. TD), whereby solid pathways
towards new, solid, accountable & positively democratic representation, working on behalf of the ordinary people of this county are to be carved out.

“Present at the meeting were representatives from Castlebar,
Ballyhaunis, Crossmolina, Killala, Foxford, Ballina and Bonniconlon.
 Groups represented at the meeting were: National Citizens Movement (Mayo), Land League West, People Before Profit (Mayo), Integrity Ireland, Moy Valley Protection Ltd., & ordinary private citizens of Mayo.

“The discussions were positive, constructive and people-centred.
No vested interests are entertained and the focus is on the healing
of a still-broken Ireland, from the community outward.

“The fallacy of, and failed ideologies that go hand in hand with,
trickle-down economics are now commonly realized and the
good people of Mayo have increasingly engaged with being
part of the solution so as no longer to be faced with the problems,
rather the solutions and resolutions. Some of those problems
being, yet not limited to: forced regressive taxation imposed
year after year; failed debt-driven economic models and
associated austerity; banking-centric eviction processes whereby
the person and/or the family is no longer treated as inviolable; the
death of political accountability; TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and
Investment Partnership) and what it means to Irish society;
corruption of the judiciary, the Garda Siochana and politics itself.

“A hot topic was the new  #1Yi – 1 Year Initiative. I will let you
manage the research here, but in a nutshell, #1Yi is an effort to
change ONE single but crucial aspect of Irish democracy which
empowers the people and returns accountability to the people again
through people-initiated referenda. For more information on the
initiative, check out

“A burgeoning set of new ideas are being born, not just in Mayo,
but in every county in this country, and we are glad to be involved
in the shaping of a new future for the people and by the people of
the nation. A clear message has been drawn together and is now
going to be repeated; and since our Fine Gael and Labour
government are so vehement in their supposed practice of having
‘listened to the people’ [sic], we shall now see how they weigh
the upcoming political and election storm that is brewing up to hit
them from every possible angle in the coming months.”