Stronger than ever water charges protests across the country.

Thousands brave hostile weather conditions in show of
resistance to government’s water regime.

Sligo News File Online.

Once again sectoral interests antagonistic to the anti water charges
campaign are attempting to downplay the extent of the turnout for
today’s demonstrations.

However, the thousands who have taken to the streets in virtually every corner of the country is visible proof the people are not being fooled by factions whose aim evidently is to undermine the campaign.

Braving hostile weather conditions, crowds on a massive scale
have assembled and marched in counties from Donegal to Cork to Dublin, showing the sweeping national resistance there is not alone to water charges and the continuing vicious austerity but also a government widely perceived to have nurtured the interests of the wealthy and well heeled at the expense of workers, families, the sick and the elderly

Many today will also question where exactly Sinn Fein stands on the
water issue. In the volume of propaganda they have released, they
still, when specifically questioned, have not revealed whether the party supports amending the Constitution, placing ownership of Ireland’s water resources with the people and future generations of the country, and trusteeship with the State, and their position regarding the future of the existing Irish Water utility.

Sligo News File submitted questions on both issues for the attention the party’s spokesperson on the environment, Brian Stanley. Despite follow up requests, and assurances from the party press office that our email had been passed to him, we have not, over a week later, received any reply from Mr. Stanley.