An Taisce to monitor sewage at Sligo hospital

The body may also have a role in overseeing farm emissions.

Sligo News File Online.

There’s reportedly much excitement in Sligo where An Taisce is moving in with a programme to measure waste at the general hospital.

Enthusiasts behind the venture are hoping it will encourage a greater appreciation of the environment.

According to a source, the project is designed to reduce or measure sewage and water at the hospital.

Under the arrangement, the hospital will have to engage in a 7 step process. It will include gathering information on the pile of waste produced by the hospital, as well as collecting baseline data on water and energy usage.

Sligo University Hospital

The programme will also be geared to enabling student learning and leadership.

It is not clear if An Taisce will be policing the initiative or that increased water usage and sewage loading will be subject to penalties.

As far as is known, patients will be consulted, and their advice sought on how to progress the aims of the An Taisce scheme.

It’s believed the hospital, which is currently known as Sligo University Hospital, may eventually be renamed the Sligo University Green Campus Medical Centre.

An Taisce is understood to have been so impressed with its school’s green flag project that they decided to extend the programme to hospitals, with Sligo the second to register for the activity.

The Eco Schools Flag

There are some hints that the government may assign An Taisce a role in the environmental policing of farms where the reduction of emissions from agricultural operations is a concern. The move is expected to be welcomed by the farming community.

Sligo has the distinction of being the first Irish county adopted by a previous Fianna Fail-led government for the rollout of a pilot scheme focussed on the metering of the water supplies to farms. It led to spirited protests when the county council told farmers in the county that they would have to pay for the meters.