Talks on outsourcing of Sligo traffic warden service ongoing.

Concern whether privatised service would best serve business and other interests.

Sligo News File Online.

Ciaran Hayes, CEO, Sligo County Council.
Ciaran Hayes, CEO, Sligo County Council.

Talks are said to be ongoing regarding plans to outsource the
provision of the traffic warden service in Sligo.

County Council CEO Ciaran Hayes has recently spoken of proposals to broaden pay and display zones and put more traffic wardens on the streets of the town.

The town currently has two traffic wardens and, it’s believed
a further two are to be appointed. At one point the number
was down to one.

Traffic Wardens are represented by the Impact Trade Union.

Outsourcing of the service has been on the cards for some time,
however, there are concerns as to whether privatisation would
best serve Sligo business and other interests, particularly if it
would lead to higher parking charges and clamping.

It’s understood the council has proposed that privatisation be
introduced as a pilot project, initially for 6 months.