Taoiseach joins Sikhs for religious ceremony at Dublin temple

‘Pride in Ireland’s diversity.’

Sligo News File.

Varadkar, the Taoiseach, joined Sikhs in Dublin to celebrate the Indian religious festival of Vaisakhi.

The Fine Gael leader is the son of an Indian from Mumbai.

Vaisakhi is said to mark the inauguration of the Khalsa, understood to be a term used by Sikhs who have been initiated into the faith.

Yesterday’s event was held at the Sikh Temple in Serpentine Road, Sandymount.

Varadkar spoke of his pride in ‘Ireland’s diversity.’

It has been announced that under a government-approved initiative, gardai will now be allowed to wear turbans and the hijab while on duty. The move is designed to encourage candidates from foreign communities living in Ireland to join the gardai. According to reports, newly appointed commissioner Drew has said it is important that the gardai reflects the diversity of the population it serves.

Ireland has more than 64,000 practising Muslims. It’s not clear how many Muslims in total are domiciled in the State. Islam has been listed as one of the fastest growing religions in the country.

The total population of Sikhs is rising while in the UK the number entitled to vote is reckoned to have increased to about 600,000.