Taxes and levies to gobble up paltry increase in state pension

Free contraceptives

Sligo News File

No joy for the retired after the Coalition announced a spate of taxes which will entirely erode the value of the pathetic five euro state pension increase announced in Budget 2022.

Home heating oil, gas, briquettes and other household goods already soaring in price now sees Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Greens heaping the lot with sweeping carbon levies.

The price of electricity has already rocketed, as has the now further steeply taxed price of petrol, diesel and agricultural products. Electricity is also loaded with higher VAT and other government imposed charges.

For those lumbered with a tax on their homes, which is just about every family in the country, the rate has been sneakily escalated through the inclusion of domestic sheds, barns and driveways in the valuation of the house.

Farming is under attack as never before with demands for a whopping decrease in herds which only a few years ago farmers were being encouraged to expand. Prospects for the rural economy couldn’t be worse.

The health service is in chaos with nearly a million left waiting for hospital appointments.

In the education sector, students have to rely on penny dinner charities to survive.

But there is a bright spot: following the Budget, ladies between 17 and 25 will be able to obtain contraceptives free of charge.