TD wants Government ‘awareness campaign’ to heat up demand for home insulation grants

‘Disappointed only 46 houses in Leitrim availed of funding in 2017.’

Sligo News File.

The Government is offering grants aplenty for house insulation, but it looks that homeowners in Sligo – Leitrim aren’t overly interested. Constituency TD Eamon Scanlon is wondering why not.

Eamon Scanlon TD
Fianna Fail

He says the Government should be doing more to spotlight the scheme.

“Getting a grant to insulate your home or install a better boiler is not only good for the environment; it can help struggling families save money on their energy costs,” he said.

“It also makes the home a more comfortable place to live, particularly for older people or people with certain respiratory and health conditions.”

Scanlon said he was disappointed that in 2017 only 46 houses in Leitrim availed of the funding “as compared to 4,791 in Dublin.

“Sligo did not do much better, with only 108 houses drawing down funding under this scheme.

“These figures should be triggering alarm bells in Government Buildings- what is the point of having these grant schemes if most people are not aware of them and a result, miss out on them?”

He has now called for the rollout of “a major awareness campaign, so people can become familiar with the different grants and upgrades their homes might be eligible for.”