Tens of thousands again say NO to water charges

Sligo, Donegal, Leitrim, Roscommon and Mayo join groups from across the country in National Dublin city centre rally against Coalition water charge regime

Sligo News File Online.

Opposition to water charges shows no sign of losing
momentum as tens of thousands from Dublin and across the
country turned out for a major rally in the capital earlier today.

According to organisers – The Right to Water campaign – upwards
of 80,000 people, including groups from Sligo, Donegal, Leitrim,
Roscommon and Mayo, took part in the demonstration.

There were calls on those present not to pay their water bills,
which will issue from next month.

Trades unions connected with the campaign are also calling
for a referendum to enshrine public ownership of Irish Water
in the Constitution, with government to be collectively responsible
for the protection, management and maintenance of the public
water system.

This will serve to prevent the privatisation of the country’s water
resources or disposal of such assets to global water companies
by any future government of the State.

The five trades unions – CPSU, CWU, Mandate, Opatsi and
Unite – will present a summary of their water management policy
at a Special May Day Conference in Dublin at the beginning of

Another rally is planned for the middle of April.