Tens of thousands of young Irish workers struggle to survive on rock-bottom wages

Parliamentary reply reveals scale of low pay rates.

Sligo News File.

Tens of thousands of young workers are being left to struggle on near impossible to live on wages.

Details have been revealed in reply to a parliamentary question.

Minister of State Regina Doherty said “exact” information on the pay of employees 26 years and under was not available.

However, she turned to the National Household Survey referring to it “as the official source of estimates of employment in the State.”

The Survey, she said, showed that in the last quarter 2016 134,500 were only receiving the minimum wage or less.

It is believed that countless thousands of those 26 years and over are also on rock-bottom rates.

Given the droves of people stuck on lowest possible earnings or unable to land a job, and virtually unrestricted immigration keeping it that way, Coalition propaganda of strong economic and social growth seem to be very much in the realms of fantasy.