Unexpected Galway anti-abortion protest chills government

Harris under pressure to introduce emergency exclusion zones to block future public protests around abortion clinics and hospitals.

New abortion law “must be resisted” by Catholics, says Primate of All Ireland.

Bishop of Elphin says Catholic politicians who had advocated for abortion had “chosen a position which is clearly out of communion with the Church”.

Warning protests against the killing of preborn infants will intensify.

Sligo News File

An anti-abortion protest at a medical centre in Galway has been criticised by pro-choice campaigners.


Now,  Harris, the Health Minister, is being urged to rush in measures to prevent future public protests at abortion sites.

Although he has already said he will come up with legislation to outlaw protests in the vicinity of abortion clinics, there is, however, every likelihood such a restriction will harden public opposition to the horrendous programme and possibly will also be fought out as unconstitutional in the courts.

Commenting on the recent, very early anti-abortion protest in Galway where a group held up signs reading ‘real doctors don’t terminate their patients’ and ‘say no to abortion’, Varadkar, the Taoiseach, a doctor, reportedly said abortion was a very private, very personal thing, and those trying to access a medical service
should not be impeded.

Varadkar, the Taoiseach

He observed on work done by Harris regarding exclusion zones.

However,  throwing cordons around abortion providers or aiders could result in regular medical service patients transferring away from a GP clinic involved in the abortion programme. It’s believed this is one of the reasons names of abortion facilitators is being kept secret.

Businessman and founder of the Irish Libertas party Declan Ganley tweeted that “abortion providers are going to be protested &

Declan Ganley

picketed in Ireland, it happens in other democracies it will happen here & it will intensify. It is a democratic right to protest, picket & strike. All of these things will happen. If you want to ban it, you’re no democrat.”


If reports are correct, some 20 women were seeking assistance on the first working day abortion services legalised by the Dail and Senate became available.

To date, however, less than 200, around 5% of Ireland’s approximately 3,500 GPs have signed up to provide abortion services. As far as is known, no GP in counties Sligo, Leitrim, Carlow
and Offaly is on the list.

The Catholic Herald meanwhile reports that the Primate of All-Ireland Archbishop Eamon Martin has insisted the new abortion law has “no moral force” and it “must be resisted” by Catholics.

Primate of All-Ireland Archbishop Eamon Martin

The paper also reports that in a New Year message Bishop Kevin Doran of Elphin told Massgoers that Catholic politicians who had advocated for abortion had “chosen a position which is clearly out of communion with the Church”, and there was “no point in pretending otherwise”.

Bishop Brendan Leahy of Limerick it said has criticised the limited right to conscientious objection in the new legislation. It quotes him as saying that forcing doctors not to choose life “would be a most inglorious watermark for this country“.

“It goes against the deeper demands of our common humanity to force anyone to do so.”

Doctors are offered fees of upwards of €450 per patient to facilitate abortion procedures. At the same time, the government is providing abortion services to the public free of charge, meaning taxpayers are footing the bill for the entire controversial programme.

Office of Sligo Fine Gael TD Tony McLoughlin where walls were daubed with anti-abortion slogans

Gardai are said to be still investigating an incident where slogans including ‘Fine Gael baby killers’ ‘Herods Killers’ and ‘Scum Bags’ were daubed on the constituency offices of Sligo Fine Gael TD Tony McLoughlin soon after the abortion Bill finished its final stage in the Senate.