Walkers in UK fined and reportedly told hot drinks ‘classed as a picnic’

Police insisted trip ‘not in the spirit’ of the Covid lockdown rules

Sligo News File

A stroll in the English countryside cost two women carrying hot drinks dearly. Each was fined £200.

According to accounts, the two friends had driven five miles to walk in an open space in Derbyshire when they were “surrounded” by police, read their rights and slapped with fixed penalty notices of €200 each. One of them told the BBC that officers stated hot drinks they had with them were not allowed because they were “classed as a picnic.”  

Existing UK Covid lockdown guidance says people there can travel for exercise in their local area but, the report goes, police insisted that the trip made by the two walkers was ‘not in the spirit’ of the rules.

The action of the police has been criticised by civil liberties and other groups.