What Sligo Councillors are proposing to debate.

Items on agenda for the March 2015 meeting of county council.

Sligo News File Online.

Sligo County CouncilThe meeting of Sligo County Council on Monday will hear a call for taxation from Marie Casserley, an Independent, elected to the
council in 2014. She wants Minister Alan Kelly to place a levy on
fast food packaging which, she says, ‘can be seen strewn around
dual carriageways, lay-bys and roads of the country.’

Casserley also has an item on the agenda asking that the council
‘will resource a county wide promotional campaign highlighting
the possitive linkage of how supporting local business can and does
in turn support the wider community.’

Independent Cllr. Declan Bree has given notice that he proposes
to ask the CEO to provide a report on development contributions
owed to the council. He states that 32 developers owe sums ranging
from €10,000 to ‘in excess of €250,000,’ and is seeking details as
to when the contributions fell due for payment, and the action taken
by the council in each case to recover the money.

Bree has also submitted a motion about the jailing of anti water charge protesters stating: ‘Noting that this Council has declared its opposition to the imposition of domestic Water Charges; and noting that the Council has also declared that it has no confidence in Irish Water; this meeting expresses its deep concern at the jailing of citizens who have participated in peaceful protests again the imposition of water charges; and this Council again calls on the government to abolish domestic water charges.’

Cllr Thomas Healy, Sinn Fein, is to ask the council ‘…to call on the Minister of Environment to write to Irish Water regarding ongoing issues in relation to planning permission where Irish Water is not approving permission to householders wishing to build on top of existing sewerage mains when there is no other option open to the householder but to build on it.’

A notice submitted by Fianna Fail Cllr. Paul Taylor reflects what appears to be a growing interest in the agri Green Cert. He wants the council to ‘contact the Department of Agriculture with regard to the urgent need for more teachers for the Green Cert courses due to the high demand of Green Cert applicants to Teagasc.’

Cllr. Seamus Kilgannon, Fianna Fail, proposes to ask the council to call on Minister Joan Burton ‘to reverse the cuts on One-Parent Families which see payments slashed by up to 80 euro per week.’

A motion listed by Councillor D. Mulvey, Fine Gael concerning development in Ballymote is calling on Sligo County Council ‘to work with Sligo Leader Partnership and other agencies to support the Ballymote Community effort, most noticeably the Ballymote Tourist Development Group who have a licence agreement with the OPW for the former Garda Station and Bank building acquired from the OPW by Deputy Perry in the centre of Ballymote town.

‘The OPW are at present carrying out repairs to the building and it will take little work mostly internal decorating to bring this to completion, as the former Art Deco Building.

‘In light of the recent agenda item on the sale of land at Earlsfield, Ballymote to the HSE, I seek that this money should and will be used, as the business community have an understanding that a much needed car park be located at the rear of this building is urgently required in Ballymote. This will be known as the Ballymote Municipal building and can be a focal point in the town as a Tourist Centre /Failte Ireland Information Desk/ County Council Municipal meeting venue, on a rota system with Tubbercurry, incorporating other state services.’

Cllr. Margaret Gormley, Independent, is to seek a report regarding ‘the completion of works at Connolly Park, Tubbercurry.’

The council is also to ‘seek approval to borrowing a sum not exceeding €8.5m by way of temporary overdraft for the 12 months from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016.

The meeting is scheduled for 11am in the county council offices at Riverside.

Meetings of the council are open to the public.